Bringing it all together

29 Nov

As we move from the planning stage to the execution stage of the brewery, I have found it is all about timing and multi-tasking. And I’m not talking the kind of multi-tasking that involves Facebooking while “studying” or texting while driving (not that anyone does that…). This is the multi-tasking of balancing all the vendors, suppliers, contractors, and millions of other small things that need to fall into place in the correct sequence. As I write this, the Viking Brewery, and the company as a whole, are right on the edge of turning the corner and becoming a legitimate business!

Currently we have had the wonderful help of a graphic designer create mock-ups of the two main brew labels we are going to debut in 22oz bottles (more on this to come, we need a little bit of mystery!) Additionally, we have put the down payment on our 3bbl nano brew system from the great people up at Portland Kettle Works, which is due to arrive mid-January! And at the moment we are working with our architect and contractors to begin the process of designing and creating a functional brewery! (i.e. floor drains and hoods and all sorts of stuff you dream about) Plus all the not fun stuff like OLCC and TTB registrations and city permits…

But as we turn the corner, Addison and I are extremely excited to get moving on the brewing process to perfect our recipes and turn this dream into a reality! (Probably the first people to say that)

The fun side of OLCC paperwork

As always….




One Response to “Bringing it all together”

  1. Andy March 4, 2013 at 8:33 pm #

    Great face Addison!

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